Monday, April 16, 2012

Surgery, books, and babies

Mom its your birthday tomorrow!!!!
Happy Birthday to the one who gave me life.
I will be thinking of you all day- even when I am under the knife.
Speaking of...

{Dr. J at the birth of my Charlotte}

I am headed to the operating table with Dr J.
Remember this awesome video?- This is what we are doing.
I have been pumping milk like a cow for the past week.
I want Lottie to have enough while I am out for a few days.
Last week I had such a sweet phone call from Dr. L.
He was so sweet and excited for me and my family about baby Charlotte.
I just feel so grateful for such WONDERFUL peeps taking care of me.
Did I tell you that the Arizona Burn Center sent me flowers?
It was one of the best gifts I received, from a place that took care of me
and promised me life. I will write about that later.

Facebook from the burn center:
Maricopa Integrated Health System
Congratulations to burn survivors Stephanie Nielson and her husband, Christian, on the birth of their daughter (yet to be named)!


Have you seen this?
Heaven Is Here made it to #14 on New York Times Best Sellers list!
Thank you!

Buy Matthew Mead's new book here.
Its beautiful and inspiring for Spring!