Thursday, April 19, 2012

Surgery and mobiles

{Watch out, I had some "work" done}

I am still in the hospital.
Surgery was fine-long- but fine.
Dr. J. is amazing- but you already knew that.
Now, I am being watched over by the wonderful
nurses and staff here at the hospital.

{Mr. Nielson visits me with Charlotte and breast milk in cooler}

Mr. Nielson has turned into a single parent taking over my
motherly duties and continuing his.
These ups and downs define our love for one another and
he supports and cares for me no matter what we are facing.

I have been pumping milk for Lottie and Mr. Nielson feeds her.
Then he bathes her, dresses her, and sleeps with her.
This has been beyond hard.
I will be grateful to go home and start healing with my children around me.

Thanks to Jordan {Oh Happy Day} .
I copied her darling vellum mobiles
for Charlotte's nursery.
They dangle above her changing table.

I can't wait to go home and sit under them nurse Lottie and
get back to normal.
{Step by step directions here}