Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mothers Day gift idea

Did you know Mother's Day is coming? Have you checked out The Vintage Pearl's goods?
Last year I gifted my Mother with this piece with all of her children's names on it.
It was a hit.
This year I am not sure.
Perhaps this?

The Vintage Pearl blog here.
Order your Mother's Day gifts today!
Facebook page here.
**Use code "charlotte" for 15% off!
Good for one week.

I will resume my blogging routine on Friday- news about Charlotte.
I am giving myself a good 2 weeks to be quiet and alone with family.
I don't answer my door, I don't answer my phone, and I don't make meals.
Today I had a nice house visit from Dr. J.
Tomorrow I am going to be unleashing a sweet video interview with Dr. J.
explaining my post-baby procedure to fix the burns on my abdomen.
Oh boy!!

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