Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lying under an Aspen tree

{Charlotte's domain}
One Spring morning before Lottie was born,
Mr. Nielson drove me up Provo canyon to find a branch.
This had to be a special branch.
We found it among a clump of aspen trees.
Mr. Nielson got his Bear Grylls knife and cut a nice slender piece.

Then I brought that aspen branch home, set Nicholas
up on a few games and began day dreaming about
my darling little Lottie kicking her little chubby legs looking up at this
branch above her crib.

I used felt leaves and craft paper flowers that I hot glued onto this special Aspen branch.

Then, when it was all glued and ready, I added little birds with beautiful colored feathers.
Then I asked Mr. Nielson to hang this creation up above Charlotte's crib.
And he did becuase he is Mr. Nielson and he says he loves when
I get crafty and "nest" our home.

The nursery is so darling and now that Lottie is here, I take her
in her room and we rock in the rocking chair.
The rocking chair is in the corner
near her crib and together while I nurse we listen to the Claire and Jane out her
window playing in the tree house and the boys jumping on the trampoline.

Lately, I have found us together rocking in the early morning.
So early, it is still dark and still out.
Pretty soon I hear the birds out the windows and soon
I hear the footprints of the children getting up for school.

But for a few minutes we share heaven under the aspen tree.