Friday, April 27, 2012

Bathing Beauty

The day after I returned from the hospital after giving birth, I decided to give
Charlotte her first bath from me, you know, her Mother.

I filled her little tub up and added delicious smelling soap.

Christian took the children sailing to give me and Lottie alone time.
This was the perfect activity.

So, there I was with Lottie in the bathroom.
The bathroom was warm and everything was perfect.
Except my hands.

I hadn't given a baby a bath since my accident.
I hadn't needed too.
My hands were awkward and I was nervous holding her new little body.
My hands don't bend, my new hands can't do much at all.
I was frustrated as I tried washing and rubbing my perfect baby.
Then, as I tried moving her onto her back, my stiff hands fumbled and water
got into her eyes and mouth.
She gasped and began crying. I gave up.
As I was crying, I pulled her out of the tub
wrapped her in a blanket and hugged her promising her
I would never do that again.
Then I waited for Mr. Nielson to get home from sailing
so I could cry to him and tell him how awful my bathing
experience was.

He comforted me and helped reassure me that everything would be better
next time. It was true.
I have given Charlotte a bath almost everyday since the incident.
Lots of practice with tears and pain.

Bathing her is so much more enjoyable for both of us now.
I feel more confidant in my "new mothering skills"
Mr. Nielson told me that I was her mother and while these trials
are now mine, I must learn to adjust to them-like I have with everything else
in my life -A.C. (after-crash).

Yesterday I had such a beautiful experience with Bluelilly Photography,
as we photographed little Charlotte in her first session.
I can't wait to debut the photos soon.

Have a wonderful weekend, and when you get a few minutes
read this amazing spiritual enlightenment here.

My plans this weekend are:
-Stand up straight and walk.
-Lay on my side to sleep.
-Do my hair (since its been about 4 weeks)
-Get the courage to talk to people outside my home (still in recovery mode)
-Prepare my summer plans- need to get plane tickets
to St.Louis, Texas, and New York.

I am still re-living this amazingly beautiful birth with these
amazingly wonderfully people!!

{Mr. Nielson, Nie, baby Charlotte, Jana {the greatest nurse EVER!}
and of course the genius Dr. Judd!}