Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Thoughts on a new sister....

One of my favorite things to do is read with Oliver.
He is doing so well at putting letters together and sounding words out.
I am so impressed.
Tonight for homework he wrote this adorable essay about the baby.

"My Mom is having a baby.
I wonder what color of hair she is going to have.
she has a blue room, and a blue crib.
I want to hold her.
I want to kiss her little cheeks!!!
I am excited to see her fingers and toes.
I am so excited for her to be born."

I thought it was pretty darn cute.
Also something I thought was cute today, was when Nicholas told me to stop
walking around the house. He imagines lil peanut all moshed inside of
my stomach bumping around with every step.
Now he is so concerned when I move around because he is afraid she will
have a headache.
I asked him if he remembers having a headache when he lived in my tummy.
He said no.
I guess she will be OK then.


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