Thursday, March 15, 2012


{Looking down}

Here is the deal.
My body hurts. I am swollen, but not very visibly.
My burned body can't do much swelling so basically it feels like
thousands of needles poking my skin all day and that really really hurts.
I did however, manage to go to Cafe Rio today with Nicholas and then
take a nice brisk walk around the nearby park.

{Gigs on his scootie}

Oh, and we also managed to go with Mr. Nielson to Cabelas...
(now that is saying something).

{Cabela's fish and Nic}

But around 5:00- dinner time, I am spent, had, exhausted- whatever.
Right now, I am slightly grumpy and want to cry.
But then I make myself listen to Fun. {My new favorite music}.
I play it and make my children dance for me or I make then comb my
hair or/and put lotion on my feet.

Then, I read about this kid, Jace Jensen.
Jace, who was burned as a child is holding a benefit concert at his high school
for his Eagle Scout Project.
The concert's proceeds will go toward the
expansion of the University of Utah Burn Center.
Something very near and dear to my heart (and his)
Concert by Mr. Jon Schmidt
Please help and donate.
For more information, go to Jace's blog here.

over and out.