Monday, March 05, 2012

Sunday review.

A package arrived on my doorstep.
Do you know what it was?
My book.

I am so excited about it.
It comes out April 2nd, and you can pre-order it now if you want here and here.

The thing is, I really feel honored to have gotten an opportunity to share my story
and have it published so beautifully. {thanks Hyperion}
My hope is that it will provide strength and peace to those who are low on that
right now for whatever reason.
I wrote it so that others could feel love, believe in happiness and in a greater purpose.
I hope it restores faith and a belief in God and the amazing family unit
in your life.

{Sunday afternoon. Table set by Claire}

My sister Lucy told me tonight that the "l0ve scenes" in the book
made her a little uncomfortable. Sorry if you feel the same.
I can't deny my love for my Mr. Nielson, and the relationship we share.
{and the way he looks in his jeans}
{I just think since we are sisters she feels that way.
I certainly don't want to hear that information about she and her husband Andrew.}

Moving on....

Oh, speaking of Lucy and Andrew, they brought
Betsy and Freddie up for a lovely Sunday dinner.
Claire provided entertainment (puppet show downstairs),
and we talked about how ready for summer we are.
We also shared top-secret news about naming little peanut and
what names we love haven't been used in our ginormous family.

{Puppet show}
It was a good weekend (besides the fact that I am not sure that
burned skin and pregnancy really go well together---ouch!)
And I am exited for a new fresh week.

{Betsy after dinner-with Ariel}

Have a good one!

Hey Utah! Check out a little book spotlight in the Utah Valley Magazine
March/April issue. (on newsstands now) Here.