Saturday, March 03, 2012

Lunch bummer

This morning I packed lunches for my children-as I always do.
Peanut butter and jam sandwiches, cut fruit (or veggie), applesauce, juice box,
some kind of chips, cheese, and a small treat {like a York patty-our families favorite.}
I think that is a pretty nice lunch.
Sometimes it changes with what I have in the refrigerator at the time
and what they want- but this was the menu today.
Since I knew I'd be in the studio recording audio for my book,
I went ahead and packed my own lunch- same stuff as the children.

Today at 12:30 when I sat down to eat that lunch
I wanted to die. It was so gross.
The juice box was super warm, applesauce runny, york patty smashed,
and my cheese super soft- oh, and my sandwich dry and flat.

Am I just being picky or do my my children really
  not care that lunch is such a bummer?