Saturday, March 17, 2012

Green Days

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
How was your weekend? Lucky?
Here was mine (in photos)

Friday I.....

{Me and Dr. J's wife. I just had my picc line put in and barfed a few times.
It was a really awesome day.}

Went into this hospital to have my picc line put in.
It was not as bad as I had thought.
Pretty much painless.
Thank you nurses!
* * *
Saturday, Mr. Nielson made us all pancakes.
Somehow those nasty green fellas always manage
 to make green pancakes
and green orange juice.

{Green pancakes, Oliver (who is dressed up as a doctor-leprechaun)
and Nicholas woke up excited to start the day....oh and HOT Mr. Nielson in his skimpies.}

* * *
Sunday we held a traditional St Patricks dinner with
Lucy, Andrew, and children.

{I love Andrew's face here, and I love Nicholas' too}
{Gold lucky coins on the dinner table...Claire, Andrew, and Gigs fresh out of the hot tub}

{Lucy and Freddie after Sunday dinner *Green cake for dessert}
As for me, I am ready to have Little Peanut and have
 another go at my turkey-neck.
Dr. J is planning on shaping her up a little more when I have surgery
(to fix my burned stomach post-baby)