Monday, March 12, 2012

Gnome Home

This is a typical day after school at my home:

Today the girls made gnome houses out of pizza boxes.
Mr. Nielson helped them cut out the houses.
I love when my children are creative.

{the sun went down before the project was finished, more photos later}

Mr. Nielson and I went to 'Xanadu' this weekend.
It was hilarious, and if you live in Utah and want to laugh,
go to this play.
On top of that, my talented brother Christopher directed it.
Then, Mr. Nielson took me to Pizzera 712.
Where I ordered the classic margarita added avocados-yum.

In other news, I went to sister Cjane's birthday party Saturday evening.
( I was so excited to be invited)
I love my sister Courtney.

{Photo Jed Wells}

She makes me laugh- always, without fail.
She is such an easy person to be with and conversation comes easy
when I am around her. Her home is comfortable and happy,
and my children LOVE her.
Happy Birthday Courtie, I love you.
And, I cry every time I read this post you wrote.
Thank you for everything you have done for me.
{I hope those sweet target plastic plates I gave you for your birthday help
you know just how much I love you}

{Photo, off Folka Dots website}

where The Folka Dots played.
It was a treat, and I love their sound.
Watch them here.