Thursday, March 08, 2012

A dramatic performance

Claire put on a play with the children yesterday.
It was classic.
It was about an Indian (Gigs) and a one-armed pirate (Ollie)
and Jane was the poor servant.
Claire, since making up the play, got to be the princess.
I can't say I followed the whole performance as it played along.
Lots of laughing, giggling, fighting, and confusion.

However, the highlights included:
* Nicholas deciding the play was dumb and undressing
during his pivotal and dramatic part.
* Ollie's accent {think Pirate/British/Muppet}
*Jane creating a human heart made of red Jell-o (leftover from Sunday dinner)
and wrapped in plastic wrap.
Which was then dramatically pulled out of Ollie.

Good times are had here in the Nielson Home.

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I am honored to have my name in Gerald N. Lund's new book:
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Happy Birthday to my oldest and wisest brother Steve!
I love you so much!