Friday, March 30, 2012

Countdown until my book: Day 5, Signing event

This week, all week I am going to be posting
something about my new book:
Heaven is Here
out April 3rd in bookstores everywhere.

One of the reasons I wrote my book was so my children understood who I was
and what I went through during my hard trial and complicated ordeal.
I want them to understand how amazing God is and what he has accomplished
through our family. I want them to know that prayer is real, miracles exist, and
trials and pain wont always hurt or be hard.
I want them to know that trails can turn into blessings.

{Gluing personal cards in my memoir for each of my children}

Last week three boxes full of hardback books
came in the mail from my publishers.
I immediately got five of the books out and sat down and wrote in each of them.
One for Claire, one for Jane, one for Oliver, one for Nicholas,
and one for my newest baby Little peanut.
I expressed my love to them and my testimony of Jesus Christ.

I am so thankful my story is out.
There has been some pain that has been
released and emotional turmoil that I went through writing it.
But it was part of the process and my heart goes out to my dear friend
and collaborator Amy Hackworth.

{Photo by Justin Hackworth}

ABC did a nice write-up on my book and story here.
{Although it still hurts to see "disfigurement" in anything, especially when they are talking about me. )
* * * * *
You can pre-order my book
here on Amazon , here on Barnes and Noble,
or on iTunes.
Your pre-ordered book will arrive on your doorstep on April 3rd.
My book is also available through nook and kindle.
AND, audio (read by yours truly) is also for sale as well.
* * * * *
* * * * * *
Hey Utah friends, (and anyone coming to Utah next weekend):

I will be at Deseret Book in Salt Lake City, tonight!
6:00 signing books and having a fun book launch event.
This is a special opportunity because my book is coming out
earlier here in Utah than the normal release date (April 3rd)
If you would like an early copy and if you want me to sign it,
I will be there to do that.
AND the darling Mindy Gledhill will be there singing-

Deseret Book Downtown at City Creek Mall
45 W South Temple
Salt Lake City Ut

On Saturday, March 31st, I will be at the Orem Deseret Book
at noon signing books
Deseret Book at University Village
1076 S 750 E
Orem, Utah

And then again at 6:00 that evening in Salt Lake City

Deseret Book Downtown at City Creek Mall

Address: 45 W South Temple
Salt Lake City Ut

As you know I am expecting lil peanut any day.
I will keep you posted, but I am sure I'll be there.

* * * * *