Friday, February 03, 2012

Winter in Provo/Weekend plans February 3-5

Mr. Nielson piled the family into the truck and took us
to his favorite summer place: Utah Lake.
Sadly he has a few more months until he can get his sailboat out of storage and
sail the beautiful waters. But he's looking forward to it.

 I too am looking forward to this weekend; everything slows way down.
The children have chosen to go bowling this Saturday, but only
if they get their jobs done by noon.

Secretly and once for my life, I am hoping they don't get the jobs done.
Bowling sounds horrible.
Today our family will be participating in a photo shoot-
Nicholas is either is super cheesy or super grumpy. Rarely does he just smile.
This should be interesting.

I made chocolate scones today, they would have been delicious except
I keep the chocolate chips in the same spot at my lifesaver
winter mints...not a good idea, the scones tasted like chocolate winter mints.

Weekend plans:
-Make my children rub my legs with lotion
-Make fruit pancakes for dinner
-Mr. Nielson takes me out on a date.
-Finish organizing my children's school papers and art.
-Bake something yummy.