Monday, February 06, 2012

Weekend Review, photo shoot, and Jell-o bribing.

{I spy Justin Hackworth, and his wife Amy}

What a weekend!
First of all, if you follow my instagram or twitter account, you may have seen
I posted that the family was happily on our way to the bowling alley
last Saturday afternoon.
As a family we planned on bowling
as our reward for getting the family jobs done by noon.
My account said:

"Jobs done, bowling is nigh"

{Our stylist, aka: Dollie, helping us out and making us laugh}

That was until I went downstairs and saw that my children let off a bomb.
Clothes, dishes, un-vacuumed floors, pillows, blankets, pizza crusts, and other things.
I put a stop to that and declared we were NOT going bowling.
So we didn't.
I made them all clean instead. I left the house with a list of more jobs
that they needed to do taped to the Refrigerator.
{I felt like a sergeant}
I ran a few errands and felt better upon my arrival.
Where after I made everyone cheese sandwiches, and heart sugar cookies.
{very nice mother}

{My girlies}

Last Friday the family were in a photo shoot.
More information about that later, but it has to do with my book.
Speaking of my book, today I am in the studio.
I will be reading for a audio version of my book which you will be able to
purchase via Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Happy Monday.

Oh, and check out these awesome photos of Mr. Nielson bribing
Nicholas with Jell-o. We were begging him to clip his nails and if he would,
he could get not one, but TWO delicious bowls of cherry Jell-o.
(Whipped cream on top}

It didn't work.

Congrats to Mitt!!!!
Onward and upward to the next states.

**Dear Mitt,
I need some new photos of us. This is SOOOO last year.**