Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekend plans/February 10-12

{thanks to Emersonmade for this ADROABLE Black Day Coat-
I can still look like a scrub, but feel sort of cute wearing it.}

Mr. Nielson took me to and the boys out to dinner while the girls were in ballet.
My audio book is almost finished, something to celebrate-
I felt this deserved a no- cook night.

As our evening was winding down, I sat to read the children a few books.
I noticed how precise and deliberate I was with my words.
It was super annoying.
When I messed up on a sentence or miffed a word,
I went back and corrected myself.
It felt exhausting.
I think recording ruined bedtime reading- for a while anyway.

Happy weekend.
My plans are simple and quite ordinary:

Skiing with the children on Friday.
Saturday clean-up (and hopefully a reward IF they get their jobs done)
Resume organizing my children's art projects and school papers.
Make children's Valentines boxes and love notes for their school- mates.
Date night to see my brother Christopher's latest directed play and dinner.
Birthday parties, playing with friends and cousins.
Watching a movie on Saturday evening with Mr. Nielson- in bed.

**Spiritual Enlightenment here.**
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