Thursday, February 23, 2012

Someone is 28 today and Mitt's ties

Today my younger sister Lucy turns 28.
She is my sister and was the mother of my Nicholas when I needed her most.
I am forever thankful for her.

I Love you Lucy and your husband and your children.
Have a very happy birthday and if you need me, I will be in under
the covers in my bed because I can't keep my mitts off my skin-
I itch so badly.

Speaking of Mitt....see article here.

And also speaking of "hoity-toity": (you will have to read the link above to understand}
I don't think a "hoity-toity" man would wear the same tie to at least four
different occasions! I mean, if he is so rich and untouchable
I am sure he could afford a few more ties.
See, just a regular guy like us-even for a Mormon.
Come on people!

Go Mitt!!