Monday, February 13, 2012

Snug as a bug-

{Photos by Bluelily October '10- more photos here}

Hi and Happy Mondee!!
(as dad would say, it never gets old)

This week is busy with dr. appointments, the girls both have reports due,
more audio taping for the book, and of course, who could forget the most
important of them all, LOVERS HOLIDAY.
My children have begun making their Valentines to give out on Tuesday.
We are going to finish today- photos tomorrow.

I got almost half of what I wanted to do over the weekend.
My legs are super achy and itchy. My pregnant body is ready to have this
sweetheart little peanut in just less than six weeks. I am so thrilled!
My burned stomach is sore but amazingly its expanding normally.
I am a blessed woman!

{Me and my lover}

Do you have your Lover's holiday plans?

I hope somehow they include The Sweet Tooth Fairy.
I think I will be picking up one of their adorable sugar cookie kits complete
with un-frosted heart-shaped sugar cookies, tubs of delicious frosting,
and holiday sprinkles so the children can frost and decorate away until their heart's content.
{The plan is that they will do that, while Mr. Nielson and I go out and celebrate.
Do I think it will work?
I'll let you know.}

Oh, and what's a Lovers Holiday without a box of chocolates--I mean Cakebites?
Big news to you living in Texas and Arizona,- you are getting your own store.
If you choose to order your cakebites online, you can use code NIENIE
for a 10% discount.

Also, check out Happy tape (on my sidebar). You NEED a few rolls, believe me.--->