Tuesday, February 07, 2012


{me in June Audio recording Heaven is Here}

Today I spent all day in Scott Wiley's beautiful studio recording the audio version of my book.
I am still not very comfortable with my reading and cry at the drop of a hat.
These next few days, especially as I get into the actual crash scene will be difficult
and emotionally exhausting.

After, I made Mr. Nielson take us all out for dinner and after I took a much needed nap on my bed while he caught up on e-mails and read the news next to me.
Oh, where were the children you ask? Probably downstairs watching a movie or
fighting over my ipod in the next room.
Ya, sometimes I am that kind of mother-who isn't?

Tonight we also held our weekly Family Home Evening.
Jane conducted and Nicholas was in charge of the songs.
He was completely naked the entire time.
The joy of having a 5 year old.
It's awesome at my house.