Thursday, February 02, 2012

Mornings with Oliver

Ollie wakes up before anyone else.
Ollie wakes up {I am guesstimating around} 6:30.
He quietly comes inside my bedroom and takes either:

my phone (angry birds),
my ipad (ant smasher),
or my computer (

Then he will sneak down the hall, open a blind or two, turn on the lamp in the
corner of the room, sit and play until we all awake and breakfast is served.
Sometimes he takes Mr. Nielson's pocket knife, flashlight, rope,
or his colorful collection of cowboy bandanas.
But this morning it was Mr. Nielson's mini ship that he got for Christmas from Jane.

This morning, I knew he was awake because I could hear his famous sound effects.
I am pretty sure the ship was in peril, and by the sound of it, it sounded like the ship
sunk at the hand of some pirates, or perhaps some mad monkeys or something.

My life is full of these ordinary, yet unique moments, that make me
happy because I know my children are happy.