Friday, February 24, 2012

Does this shirt make me look fat?/Weekend plans

{Me: 8 months pregnant. Thanks to Gigs who snapped this and a million other
photos around the house today like the toilet, me on the toilet, me in the shower, me making lunch}

Happy Weekend!

My two girlie's are in the school talent show this morning.
I am so proud of them, they signed up by themselves, made up a dance, and
their amazing GrandMary made them tutus to preform in.
Mr. Nielson pumped up the children tonight at dinner because its the weekend.
We LOVE weekends at our house.
Here are our weekend plans:

Movie Night (redbox sections for the children)
Pizza Saturday
Book photo/doc shoot
Dinner with friends
I have read and re-read this over and over.
It is amazing, and the reality of it hits me each time I read it.
I hope you have a similar effect.
We are such lucky people, and to know that this is
a reality makes us that more blessed.
We do have a loving Father in Heaven who watches us and loves us personally.
He knows our names and knows our hearts.
This is truly amazing knowledge.

Happy weekend!

Prayers for her this weekend.