Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend wrap-up January 13th-15th

The weekend was a joy.
Here is why:

*I made most of my Valentine decorations with my girlies by my side.
*Mr. Nielson came home from his Scout camp-out, and made me a fire in the
fireplace because my bones get so cold.
*Mr. Nielson and I spent all of Saturday preparing Lil peanuts room. Moving furniture, getting the crib painted, got out of storage (and ordered) new baby clothes.
*Oliver played with his new wrist rocket outside, with his pal Nic by his side.
{His goal=shoot a squirrel, even though I doubt he really will ever actually go through with it}
*Family get together Sunday night at my brother Matt's house. It was so much fun to connect with all of my brothers, sisters, spouses and children-
it was pretty much chaos, but still so heavenly.
*SNOW!!! Finally it is stormy in Utah, whew, so excited- I need to ski a few more times before my jacket wont zip up anymore, that is vastly approaching.
*Went on a date with Mr. Nielson- we went to one of our favorite restaurants in Provo.
{Thanks Communal for making date night a pleasure.}
*Read this talk, and loved it.
*Read this and loved it too.

{enjoying the mild winter days}

**Coming up this weekend**
-Looking forward to a visit from my dear friends- we are shooting for the Spring issue.
-Also in the works: I am going to be taping the audio for my book-
-Going to see "The 39 Steps", a play my genius brother Chris directed.
-Skiing at Sundance?!