Friday, January 06, 2012

Weekend puppets

{Claire and her Sarah Jane Studio puppet theater}

It is the weekend...yay!
I finally bought my 2012 desk calendar- a simple notebook type
where I can write plans and special dates.
My goal this year-just like last year is to remember all of my loved ones birthdays.
So far I am about 3 birthdays late- I'll keep working on that.

I made these fun puppets with my girls over Christmas break.
They are downloaded from Sarah Jane Studios.
If you haven't been to her site yet, you need too, you will go nuts.
{Her fabric is adorable.}

I can't seem to put them away with all the other Christmas decorations,
we are having too much fun with them.
{I am also loving this lovely print for Valentines day}

Claire got a laminator for Christmas.
We spent hours laminating the puppets and cutting them out.
As a child, I was enamored with laminators. I still am.
While the girls laminated the puppets I laminated my recipes and other
important documents.

Here is on my weekend list:
-Get all better
-Finish putting away all my Christmas decorations
-Get out Valentines deco?
-De-junk the girls room
-Knit lil peanuts blessing blanket -{this is an ongoing project}
-Begin organizing office.
-See a movie

Enjoy this.
AND, do you want to see one of my favorite photographers
best of 2011??
Check out Justin Hackworth here.