Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Veins and Doctors

{She doesn't really have eyebrows either and she is still a beaut}

This is Nie writing from bed. Sick. Still.

Today Mr. Nielson, Nicholas and I piled into the truck headed to see Dr. J.
Dr. J. is one of the best plastic surgeons and I am so pleased he
lives in my state in so close to me.
{I also have another Dr. J- he is my OB-GYN, I will call him Dr. JD. He is pretty cool too.}

Dr. J put that ultra-sound sticky blue goo all over my body looking for veins.
Since I was burned all over my body, veins are difficult to come by.
They were replaced by scar tissue, thus it is hard to find them.

I am concerned that when I go into labor they will need IV access and wont be able to find it.
I have had this happen before, and everyone thinks they can find that magical one can.
It hurts and I end up with bruises and tears.
Oh, and then I become scared of pain- like, super scared.

But today, Dr. J found a bunch of veins and says he feels pretty confident in getting something. The best part about that is, I believe him and I know I am going to be OK.

One time I told Dr. J that I really wanted to have a baby. He looked at me and
asked me why I was asking him, he said I should probably talk to
my husband about that one.

{baby bump, photo by Justin Hackworth}

If you need Dr. J in your life- go here.