Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oliver turned 7

Last week my sweet son Oliver Christian turned seven.
Here are the photos of the day:

{as per his request, a chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, and army guys}

{Ollie playing with his new birthday toys a la from space}

{Ollie woke up early to discover his birthday tradition- presents, crown, sign,
and whatever-he-wants for breakfast....cheerios}

**Book of Mormon update:**
If you have requested a "Book of Mormon" (on my sidebar) your
book will be on it's way. I am so pleased with the overwhelming response and so happy
that so many of you would like a copy. This is a personal gift from me to you, not from the church so I ask that free copies be limited to those
who do not already own a copy. That would be wonderful.
Thanks, I am so excited for your to read my favorite book.