Monday, January 02, 2012

Oliver Christian

Oliver Christian turns 7 today.

Seven special things you should know about the birthday boy:

1. If he brings you rope, you tie it in a coil and attach it to his belt loop.
2. If he brings you an empty sack, you put penny's inside it for his treasure.
3. If he brings you a bandanna, you tie it over his face so he can be a bad guy.
4. If he brings you a white bandanna, you tie it around his neck like Indiana Jones.
5. If Ollie brings you his gun he wants you to tie it to his belt.
6. If Ollie gets to choose dinner he will inevitably choose McDonald's,
then we will say no- and then he will always go for Indian food.
7. If Ollie is walking around the house with his backpack on, he is
pretending he is one of the Scout boys that Mr. Nielson take camping.

Happy Birthday my oldest son!