Friday, January 27, 2012

Love for Nie

Mr. Nielson and I worked in our office today.
Cleaning, clearing, budgeting, rearranging, and organizing.
Nicholas played with odds and ends {staplers, hole punchers, paperclips, cardboard boxes,
you know stuff like that} around the office while eating cherry juju lip gummies.
As I was clearing off my desk I found a box.
All of a sudden, I recognized the box.
This box sat in the corner of my hospital room all those months.
Inside the box I found hundreds of sweet cards from people all over the world.
I remembered back to the time in my hospital room during dressing changes
or horrible days when I needed a little pick me up, my mom or Mr. Nielson {or my nurse-or anyone for that matter} would pull out a note from the
box and read it out loud to keep me going.

Today after finding the cards, I read a few out loud, and some struck deep in my heart.
Then I broke down and cried.
They meant so much to me, and most of them from strangers.
Strangers! I am so blessed and grateful, they pulled me through such hard times.
Hopefully I can do the same for someone else in their time of need.

Have a fabulous weekend.
I am going skiing {we got snow!!}
Finishing up organizing.
Lunch with Andrew and Reachel!
Date night with Mr. Nielson

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