Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Jimmy we love you!

Saying goodbye to Jimmy- Nielson style.
{Nielson style = balloon launching}

{Ollie wrote on the rock...I can't read it though * Jane and Claire look up}

{Letting go...}

{Jane and Claire * Oliver and Mr. Nielson in front of Jimmy's final resting place}

{Jane holds the balloons * The children at the lot hiking to Jimmy's spot}

I have been so sick. It hit me on New Years Eve.
I went to bed,
threw up about 35 times, sore throat, and now a nasty cough.
That means I lay in my bed and feel bad for myself and my family.
On the other hand, I have been really enjoying everything on Oh Happy Day blog.
Jordan, you are a genius and I wish I could come visit you in Paris.
My favorite posts here here here