Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jeg elsker dig

Since the Nielson side are proud Danes, my family has been trying to learn Danish.
I am not so good at it, it reminds me of High School math- confusing and frustrating.
I never seem to grasp it. My children however are amazing. They totally understand
and can even pronounce the words.
Boss Nielson is taking his whole family to the motherland next year to celebrate
he and Mary's (aka: Grandmary} 50th wedding anniversary.
I have a year to get it down, but probably wont.

{The girls learning Danish on the computer}

Last night before bed, the girls went around telling the
boys "Jeg elsker dig" which in Danish means 'I love you'.
Somehow that turned into the children sliding down the stairs in pillowcases
yelling "Jeg elsker dooooooo" all the way down the stairs.
I had a really good laugh-still laughing in fact.

My friend told me about this story.
My heart aches.
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