Friday, January 13, 2012

If you are a father and you like it- its hot.

I was driving in the car today-alone.
Listing to my music really loud. As you may or may not have known already,
I am really really digging Brandon Flower's new album.
So, I was driving listing to his romantic words and thinking
of my own Mr. Nielson, thinking of how much I love him and how
thankful I am that he loves me with all of his heart-and the children too.

So there I was, thinking of Mr. Nielson while driving, and thinking about
earlier that day when he tenderly hugged each of the children good bye for school,
allowed me to sleep in an extra this morning and took over the morning routine.
In my head I saw him patiently pick out the raisins in Nicholas' bowl.
{Sometimes we add it to the morning oatmeal- and Nicholas hates when we do}
I thought about the way he loves me, and treats me like I am the most
beautiful, wonderful and sweetest girl in the world- even when I know I am not.

The image of Mr. Nielson holding our new baby girl in a matter of weeks
gives me that tingly feeling in my stomach. The kind I got when he kissed
me for the first time in my Mom's car 11 1/2 years ago.
It is so attractive to see a man who loves being a father,
who loves caring for his offspring.

What is it about a man's hands? His arms?
I will tell you, those hands and arms hold other hands, hold bodies, creates, and cures.
And a man holding a baby, or child?
Nothing like is pretty much hot, and it turns me on- {if you must know.}
It makes me think of all the men in the world who are fathers--and a father
in my mind are men who are committed to their children and wife, they are involved in family life, they show respect for the women in their lives, and they play with their children, teach,
fear God, and express love vocally and daily.
That is my Mr. Nielson, and I am eternally grateful.

{PS...Speaking of Brandon Flowers- he has three children.
That is pretty hot. Watch this cool video of him}