Monday, January 23, 2012

I love you too.

{Claire, 8}
I have been thinking a lot about sadness and tragedy. I have had some in my life.
I know right now you { yes you reading this} has some heart-ache and pain.
What is it that pulls us through? Faith, Family, God (love), and the knowledge of
"good things to come".
I know everyday I have challenges, but
my blessings stand around me
like angels guarding my family, and I know no matter the pain and problems,
we are going to make it through.
Time certainly heals, and I am so thankful for that knowledge.

I was searching through my computer looking through old files
and found this drawing Claire created on my computer a few years ago.
{above picture}

I love Claire so much and all her wild creativity and thoughtfulness.
I love Jane- her orange hair, practical ways, and her nose always in a book.
I love Oliver- I love how he takes me with him
on his crazy adventures through his daily playing.
I love Nicholas, he is my pal, my buddy and playmate.
It's amazing how much I rely on that 5 year old.

{The children's ski pass photos 2011-2012}

I love lil peanut. Her existence reminds me how amazing and blessed my life is.
I love my Mr. Nielson. He is my bodyguard and my sweetheart.
I am such a blessed woman. I have everything I need.
I am grateful for trials and the way they shape my life.

I wish I could give back and help everyone who struggles and needs.
I know at my time in need so many came to my rescue.
I pray for you, even if I can't publicly show you.

Have a good Monday...