Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hello, my name is Nicholas

Today Mr. Nielson and my only child {or so he wishes} Nicholas, went to the bank.
Upon arriving at the bank my only child {or so he wishes}
was bombarded with wonderful older ladies offering treats and smiles of all kinds.
He kindly-{kind of} accepted the treats and then sat down at an
empty desk near the window where a 1980's typewriter sat.
Excited, he timidly pushed a few buttons then looked around to see who was watching.

Nicholas, {who wishes he was an only child, remember?}
hates undue attention-especially from strangers.
He was concerned one of the little old bank ladies would tell him to please stop.

Just then a little old bank lady came over to tell him not to stop,
but to encourage him to continue on. {It was pretty cute}
They even brought over a few more smarties and a ream of paper.
Sometimes its nice to be an only-child.
{or so he wishes}

Just a fyi:
You can check my facebook page {Authors page} and see my updates
and I just loaded a bunch of family photos.