Thursday, January 05, 2012

Happy New Year {party}

Happy New Year 2012!

{My siblings-- minus Courtney, Chris, Steve and Suze...sniff,sniff}

My brother Andrew {nickname Andre} and I {nickname baboon}
annually hold a New Year's Party for our siblings.
This year we switched up the party a little bit and decided to
have a New Year's Eve breakfast.
It turned out darling.

{Breakfast is served}

I bought like 30 dozen bacon slices.
I have never cooked bacon in my life.
As some of you may know, we don't eat meat around these parts.
I am pretty sure all the bacon smoke that I inhaled made me deathly ill.
I still think about bacon and the taste of throw up lingers in my mouth.

Other than that, the party was a dandy.
We also all wrote our goals for the year and reviewed how we did last year.
Some of us kept quite opening up what we had wrote last year,
some of us laughed at what we wrote, and some of us cried with joy-
(My goal was to get the OK for a new baby!}

{Andrew and Lucy * Topher and Lisa, (after this picture Page told me NOT to post it on my blog.
It's not really alcohol...we don't drink, we are Mormons, remember? * Andre and Megan}

{Matt and Katy * Jesse and Lindsay * Vance and Page}

I love my family.
I am grateful for our family traditions we share and hope we continue
doing these parties.
My life was so happy as a child- mostly because of my siblings.
There was always someone around, someone to play with or bug.
I am grateful for my knowledge of eternal families.
God never lets us down, and promises us with happiness and peace if we
choose the right path.
Thanks to my wonderful parents who sacrificed, loved, and taught us.
I know it is/was not easy, but worth it.

{Thanks to my brother Topher, who made all my photos awesome}