Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Today I had a list of errands I needed to run.
I wanted to run them since they would help me feel like
I was accomplishing something-
and I do love that feeling.
I dropped lunch off at the school for the children-
Jamba Juice and a roll. Not very nutritious, but given the empty
cupboards at my house, it was as good as I could do.
I picked up myself a Jamba {orange dream machine}
and a piece of bread at the bread store.
I drove, listened to Brandon Flowers, ate my roll, drank my juice and with every bite, bits of bread crumbled down into my shirt.
Specifically my bra {cleavage area}
It was awesome.

Lindsay at Dr. JD's office took these adorable photos of Lil Peanut
{which reminds me, I get to go to another check-up today. The best
thing about my dr's office:
They offer truffles to me every time I leave.}

I looked at the other photos that I keep snug on my refrigerator.
These photos were taken about a year and half ago (pre- new neck)
They remind me that I am so blessed, so happy, and so excited for another Nielson baby.

Congrats to Mitt for winning New Hampshire!