Monday, January 24, 2011

Cozy afternoons

{doing homework after school}

I picked up the children today from school just as it began to snow.
It started with light flurries and while we were all sitting down feasting on cheese and crackers {classic after-school-snack) it began to really start to snow.
The thick, large, fluffy flakes.

The kind of flakes that make you giddy with excitement and a wave of cozy.
Mr. Nielson came up from his office (downstairs) and made us a fire just as it began to get dark outside.
I prepared dinner after reading and reviewing all the children's homework sheets for the week
Here is what is going on:
Claire: Ancestor report due next month- we are still unsure of who to choose.
Jane: Indian report also due next month. She chose the Zuni tribe, who lived at the family ranch in Bluewater, New Mexico.
Oliver: Preparing for his 100th day in school. Needs to bring 100 edible somethings- we are thinking of bring 100 Ohs! (Ollie's favorite cereal}

After I did all I could assist, I let them all touch my belly to feel lil peanut move, put on their winter boots, gloves, and coats so they could stick their tongues out and catch snowflakes, and then come inside undress to undies while enjoying the fire Mr. Nielson made.
I prepared dinner while admiring my busy life- busy to me means healthy. I am healthy enough to do the things I love most.