Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Birthday Cakes

Fantastic velvet ribbon made my table display genius.
(ribbon here)
This year since The Sweet Tooth Fairy created me with four birthday cakes,
I decided to put a card next to each cake.
Then my guests could decide on which cake (s) they wanted, write their name,
and Mr. Nielson cut them up and I served them without a loud noisy mess.
Again genius.

Strawberry Shortcake
Red Velvet Cheesecake
Mimi's Chocolate cake
Strawberry Lemonade

Tomorrow I will continue with my delicious birthday details.
It was such a perfect day!
Being Thirty is not as bad as I sounds, except Claire told me that
she wished I didn't turn thirty because she liked telling her friends
that her Mom was in her 20's.

{PS. I gave the children's teachers Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes to say thanks.
It was a hit. Who dosen't like cake and frosting??}

Birthday invitations

This children and I made invitations for my 30th backyard birthday get-together.

Pretty sweet!

**Happy Birthday Andrew F. Beesley!**

Monday, June 27, 2011


Today, I have entered my thirties.
Thirties! What? I swear I am still 16 {in a 90 year old body}
I am so blessed to have lived a full and vibrant thirty years.
In those thirty short years, I have experienced almost every emotion there is to feel.
I am lucky to be alive.
I am lucky to be a mother.
I am lucky to know who I am.
I am to be Mr. Nielson's woman.
I am lucky to have such a loving family.
I am so grateful, I am so happy, and I am thirty.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nie asks on Blogher

***Nie asks on Blogher***

What is making you most happy today?
Me? My son, my bike, and the weather.

You? answer here.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Come meet Mitt!

Mitt Romney {a.k.a: the next President} is going to be grabbing a burger and talking with voters at: Hires Big H

in Salt Lake City, Utah at 3:15pm tomorrow, Friday, June 24th. Parking at Hires is limited so get there early and take TRAX or carpool.

The address is 425 South 700 East in Salt Lake City .

Spread the word!

{Also, check out Mr. Nielson's new shirts that he bought to look just like the Governor}

Still under the weather...

Its me writing from my bed.
The bad news is, I am sick. I may have an ulcer which was probably caused by the accident.
The good news is, I have the best doctors helping me through it, the best family, and the most incredible husband nursing me to health.

I think Mr. Nielson saw how low I was today and revealed the most
darling birthday gift he'd been hiding. He put it all together,
and I will share it with you on my birthday.
But it made me so happy!!
I love him so much.
My brother Matt checked up on me and brought me a tigers blood snow cone.
{{my favorite}}
And Meg (my sister-in-law) took my children.
It is so nice to have a family.
I am so blessed.

And if I am going to be deathly ill, I'd rather feel sick in my own bed looking
out my window and smelling Russian olive trees than in a hospital looking at nothing
but soaps on a crappy TV and smelling gross hospital food.
I am blessed.

(Justin Hackworth photos)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm pretty sure I have an ulcer

I am sick today.
I am making my children do all the work.

See you tomorrow?

Monday, June 20, 2011

To the father in the home:

Dear Mr Nielson, {My Mr. Nielson}
You are such a wonderful father.
You love your children with so much dedication and you desire to be even better.
I am such a lucky woman.
You have made my dreams of becoming a mother possible.
Thank you for taking on the role of father so abundantly, patiently, and so lovingly.
From the moment I met you, you made it clear to me that you wanted a family.
You wanted to take care of a family and be a good leader.
You have successfully done that my dear, and I love you for it.

I also think you are pretty hot.
And, just so you know, you need some new pants.
I ordered you some. I hope you like}

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nie asks on Blogher

***Nie asks on Blogher***

What is your favorite summer picture so far?

My favorite is of my cute niece Betsy in my big straw sun hat- naked. Adorable.
Go here to show me

Friday, June 17, 2011

Things that matter most

Mr. Nielson and Jane made it home safe and sound from their little daddy-daughter date.
Jane told me all about the wild night they had, the treats, the hike, how tired she was and the little furry black caterpillar she found in the tent.
Mr. Nielson told me all about some goofs up the mountain who were shooting their .22 and shouting around 2:00 in the morning. He said he yelled and told them to stop!
{this was such an intense story!} I am glad they are both safe and sound back to me.

Mr. Nielson and I are going to take a lovely summer drive up the canyon tonight. We are going to be taking photos for my book cover. {Remember, I am writing a book, oh geez}

Also this weekend, I want to finish planting my garden and change my sheets.
I'd also love to wipe down all of the dirty door-frames. I hate dirty walls too.
The great thing about summer is that the children are always
wanting to go to the snow cone spot down the street.
Each morning I write a list of jobs they can do to make money for a snowy.
It's perfect.
It usually takes a few days for them to make enough quarters for a large size.
Tomorrow on the kitchen table will be a big fat list of "snowy-jobs".

Have a fabulous weekend!
I will be smelling as much Russian Olive trees as my nose will allow.
Spiritual inspiration please watch this!!!
(PS...I fixed the link!!)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy places

{The children in the Mad Men Mobile- {Jones new old '56 wagon}

Mr. Nielson took Jane camping tonight. Just the two of them.
Jane was excited all day long. They finally made it out around 6:30 in the evening.
I am hoping they are staying warm and Jane is eating as many s'mores as her
little heart wants.
Claire is next week and the boys the next weeks to follow.
This is part of Mr. Nielson's summer plans for the children.

I ordered pizza with Claire, Oliver and Nicholas with cheesecake to boot.
I am inviting the three into my bed tonight so I am not alone.
I hate sleeping alone.
The windows are wide open and the wind is blowing the delicious summer
air into my room. This, is what happiness is-
I can't get over how much I love it.
{Even if I look like Marley's Ghost}

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Child labor

June is one of those perfect months.
The weather here is perfect. It is warm but not too hot, and cool enough for
windows to be wide open. Just the way I like it.
The moon last night was on full-blast, and I was in heaven all wrapped up like
Marley's ghost in my big feather bed with Mr. Nielson.
I begged him to tickle my back to sleep, and he did.
I can't much think of a better equation:
Full moon + feather bed + open windows + Mr. Nielson +
Mr. Nielson tickling my back + Russian Olive tree making my bedroom smell
like heaven on earth - Marley's ghost =
Me happy, really happy.
After breakfast, Nicholas sprayed the front lawn down
{He kind of looks like a Dr. Seuss character}

And then slipped and hit his head.
It was funny until it wasn't anymore.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stitches in an office

Dr. L. gave me about seven stitches on my neck before we left Arizona.
My neck was having a ruff time healing.
It felt awesome.
Mr. Nielson snapped a few photos.

On a happy note, when we drove into Provo, guess what I smelled?!
Russian Olive!!! If you don't know what that is,
it is my favorite smell (next to orange blossoms) in the world!!
I was so happy I think I split my stitches when I yelled to Mr. Nielson
to take a big whiff out the window.
Now all I am thinking about is hopping on Mr. Nielson's Motorcycle while
he takes me around town to my favorite Russian Olive "whiff-spots".

Monday, June 13, 2011

Marley's Ghost/Nie asks on Blogher

{Me looking like Marley's ghost, and I still can't understand why I am smiling like that,
its not comfortable or funny- well maybe a little bit, and me with more of a neck}

The Familygator did it again.
We made it home after another loooong drive from AZ to UT.
Its good to be home.
Something about my own home that makes me so happy.
My own bed.
My own stuff.
My own toilet.

Our yard looks like the Amazon, and the weather here is perfect.
We got up just in time for church yesterday.
{but not before I had to break the sabbath, and I am feeling really guilty about it.}
My neck it sore.
I have to wear a bandage that looks like Marley's ghost.
It hurts my ears too.
It wraps around my neck and I feel claustrophobic all day long.
It helps my new neck {phase 1} create a scab, which will adhere to the inside of
my chin to keep a thinner looking neck.
{I don't even know what I just wrote}
I just do what Dr. L tells me to do.

I will look like Marley's ghost for another 4 weeks.
Um, I'll just stay at home for a little while.
If you need me, you will know where to find me.
But don't come looking.

***Nie asks on BlogHer***

What would we do without crocs??

Answer here.

***Special Thanks to Dr. Maffi.***
Thanks for doing everything you do, and you know what you do.
Your office is nicer than my house, and that is why
I get so excited to come visit.
Thanks for the delicious water in glass bottles.
Thanks for a lovely selection of over 500 magazines to read while waiting.
Thanks for having the nicest assistants and nurses.
Thanks for making me laugh.
Thanks for making me look beautiful.

(Mr. Nielson on his recent laser beam treatment. Dr. Maffi and Sunshine}

Friday, June 10, 2011

It never gets old.

I thought that today was Saturday.
I spent the evening with my favorite people.
We went to my favorite place to eat
LGO, for my favorite pizza and cookies.

This morning I hopped in the shower, reached for my loofah and lo and behold,
a scorpion {a big one} had happily made his bed there.
I was this close to just washing my body with it without looking.
Can you imagine???
Maybe with all of my scar tissue on my body, he couldn't even sting me.
Maybe there are perks to having scars on 80% of my body!!

Nicholas stole my phone, and took hundreds of photos. Enjoy!