Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Very Mindy Christmas/Sarah Jane Studios

{{Mindy and her amazing band}

Mr. Nielson and I had the unique pleasure of hosting a delightful
Christmas concert staring the one and only Mindy Gledhill.
The Great Salt Lake Guitar Company graciously spaced my
large family and dear friends. It was a fabulous night to remember.
Thanks to The Sweet Tooth Fairy for the delicious treats.
{Have you guys tried the cakebites yet...wowzers}

Do you have Mindy's new Christmas album? Its beautiful and charming just like she is.
Mindy sang "All about your heart'-and I still can't hear that song without getting teary-eyed.
It means so much to me, because it meant so much to me when I needed it most.
Thank you Mindy!

{well done Cjane, you sang amazing tonight with Mindy and the band.
I mean it. Seriously, I do.}


Have you checked out Sarah Jane Studio's yet?
I now have in my possession her adorable fabric.
Her gorgeous new Christmas book.
Her darling embroidery patterns {for Claine for Christmas}
Her fun Nutcracker suite puppet theater.
{her Etsy shop here}
or watch her sweet video she made about her new Christmas book.

I feel like when I go to her site, I am re-living my childhood.
It means so much to me.