Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Paint Louis

{The Pres and Mom with the departing Mormon Missionaries....too cute}

We spent the day with the adorable missionaries who are leaving for home
tomorrow. They return home to their families and friends
who, for two whole years have supported, prayed for, and waited to see them.
These boys are so good and cute, and have such a bright future ahead.

{Me and Mr. Nielson}
The Pres (my Dad) made them all ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch,
after we met at the graffiti wall in the heart of St. Louis- or as others
call it "Paint Louis". A pretty cool {slightly scary} spot.

{Ollie loved the fact that we were so close to the trains}

{Jane and Mr. Nielson at 'Paint Louis'}

We also visited the amazing arch, where while watching a movie how the arch was made,
I dropped my wallet somewhere in my seat between the part where the arch was being constructed in 1962, and 1963 and then forgot it completely.
Then, after I realized it was missing, we spent the next hour tracking it down.
Mr. Nielson found it, I jumped on him with excitement, bought a few arch paraphernalia key-chains etc from the gift shop, had dinner, and a sweet little
fireside with the departing missionaries.

{Even the Mormon missionaries know how to tag}

I know a few things for certain today:
I love my children.
My parents are amazing.
I love smoked cheddar.
The story of Lewis and Clark is inspiring.
I'd rather NOT wear clothes-well, except for sweats.
It's always fun waking up in the morning with Mr. Nielson right there.
The church is true.

{'Paint Louis' graffiti wall}