Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nielson Christmas break photos #5- Christmas Morning

{My house Christmas night}

*Christmas Day*
Nielson Home
December 25th, 2011

The children awoke around 7:30, we ate cereal, Mr. Nielson made a fire,
we looked at what Mr. Claus brought and then off to 9:00 church.
Coming home from church we all changed back into our pajamas,
ate french toast and opened up presents under the tree.
It was a beautiful day.
Below are the photos of what went down.
{Christmas dinner}

Have a safe and happy New Years Eve.
I took the children to the grocery store today to get a few items,
as well as some fireworks to celebrate the new year.
We saw the fireworks and the man who assisted me in selecting the right
one for me gave me a little fire safety course before purchasing them.
I always feel stupid when people do that- I feel like I am a little aware of that stuff.

{We let balloons off today where Jimmy is buried.
It was bitter-sweet. The children are still sad.
I feel heart-broken today.
Life is hard, and making choices sometimes seem harder- you know?}