Thursday, December 08, 2011

Gifts I enjoy.

{Remembering this moment today. Nicholas 5 months March 2007}

Around 8:45 am Nicholas and I sit on the couch after all the children have left for school.
We take a deep breath, drink orange juice eat oatmeal on the couch-
and sometimes we read books but
most the time he wants to watch "tartoons".

I LOVE these slow mornings with this little man of mine.
Wednesday's are especially magical because the garbage man comes.
Nicholas runs outside with the first sound of the truck.
Then he watches and observes-usually without shoes on.

I love these mothering moments. I love when I can watch and observe my child
growing and experiencing life everyday.

Even when I feel achy and sore I have gratitude in my heart and I know
that whatever I do- and sometimes its just hanging out on the couch-
is time with with the ones I so love and adore.
Each day, as nerdy as it sounds, is a gift.
Time is a gift.
Children are a gift.
And, being a mother is a gift.