Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Butterfly in the sky-

Here is what the Nielson's did today in St. Louis:

{aka: Heaven on Earth}
2. Lunch with the Pres and mother.
3. We all went to the movie Hugo. {one of Jane's favorite books}
4. A date to the Mac store with Mr. Nielson
and a ride home in the Missouri fog- creepy stuff.
{do you spot a squirrel in the butterfly? What do you see?}

A afternoon with my Mom.
Nutcracker ballet with the girls.
Afternoon movie with Mr. Nielson?

This just in:
Did you know that laptops kill sperm?
{Just saying'}
Have you heard of Happy Lappy's?
You better believe Mr. Nielson has one-

{Use the discount code NIENIE for $25 off each Happy Lappy.}