Monday, December 19, 2011

Anniversary Recap:

{The poster the girls adorable}

Mr. Nielson and I had a very lovely 11th anniversary.
And it went like this:

{Mr. Nielson and I prepare for our 11th wedding anniversary getaway
headband here}

9:30- Breakfast at Sundance
10:30- Skiing with Mr. Nielson.
{It all came back-knees bended, elbows loose,
it was just as wonderful as I imagined all those summer months.}

{The ski gear still fits-barely...lil peanut is pretty snug in there}

12:30- Lunch at the Grill Room
1:00- Mr. Nielson gifts me with some new Ray-Bans.

6:30- Drive {sitting "stoner style"} through Park City listening to
Brandon Flowers amazing album.
Favorite song here and here.
{as a side note: Dear Brandon Flowers, can we meet one of these days? Just asking
ps...your wife's hotter than Charlize}

8:00- Movie
11:00-Cereal and biscuits (thanks Alice Lane}
Mr. Nielson packed up our brute and flew to St. Louis to be with the
Pres and my Mother. We are having such a wonderful time.