Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nutcracker Mice

Tonight Mr. Nielson and I took Nicholas and Ollie to see Claine preform in the Nutcracker.
The girls have been practicing for their first ever ballet performance
for months now.
They could hardly sleep last night they were so excited.

I cried through the whole thing.
I cried because I LOVE the Nutcracker- I love the ballet period.
It is amazing the way the the music stirs my soul and watching the dancers gets my heart.
They are strong, graceful, elegant, and amazing.
I wish my body were able to dance like that.
I wish my legs were strong and smooth-my arms flawless-free from scars and burns.
But, to see my girls dance made me feel like I have all of that, and more.

I sat close to Ollie who was memorized by the show.
Defiantly his first Nutcracker experience.
Top 3 favorite things he whispered to me during the performance:
1. They all have snuggies.
2. Mom, your beautiful- prettier than her, and her, and her.
3. I am going to have really good dreams tonight after watching all those girls.

My little girls were pretty cute, I might add.

Dear Mr. Nielson,
I would love ballet season tickets for Christmas
Love, your wifey.

If you are interested in going to the ballet- there is one more performance
tonight night. Get tickets here.