Friday, November 11, 2011

Nielson Vandal

{111111-a special day indeed}

This morning after Mr. Nielson dropped the children off at school,
I came into the kitchen to clean up cheerio bowls, orange juice cups-
and anything else the children left on the
dining room table before the mad rush out the door.
There sat the Wall Street Journal {our daily morning read}
on the table. I looked at the headlines and soon noticed every single
face had a beards, mustache, or a unibrows.
I laughed, turned the page as this vandalism continued page after page.

I knew it was the hand of Oliver Christian- I was right.
Turns out, Oliver skipped breakfast to vandalize the morning paper.
As a result around 10:20, Ollie's teacher called and said Ollie felt like he was going
to throw up. I picked him up. I asked if he felt hungry.
Of course he did, he skipped breakfast using his artistic skills on my pape.
He ate his lunch, and spent the rest of the day playing outside with Nic.

These simple moments make Motherhood satisfying and unique.
I am so thankful for my children with their bright minds and adorable little quarks-

{I think Joe looks good with a 30 yard beard}

Have a great weekend!
Spiritual Enlightenment here. {you know this guy}