Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mr. Nielson turns 33

My prince turned 33 yesterday.
I spent a lovely day with him and later surprised him with
his own private cooking lessons in our home.

Secretly, Mr. Nielson wishes he was a chef.
Mr. Nielson cries watching Ratatouille.

Taylor who is head chef at Pizzeria 712
{and one of the best restaurants in Utah}
came to our home and the cooked up delicious vegetable soup
-which we enjoyed for dinner.
Thank you Taylor for coming to our home and teaching Mr. Nielson
more about what he loves and so enjoys.

* * * * * * *
I am so thankful I married this sweet man.
He is respectful, kind, loving, and so supportive of me and our family.
I am so in love with him.
He makes me happy everyday.

I love you Mr. Nielson. You are such a handsome 33 year old
and I am so glad we are connected forever and the eternities beyond!

{I even went to one of his favorite stores here to get
him a few redneck sweaters}


{If you are interested in giving your loved one cooking lessons,
It will be one of the most fulfilling gifts to give.
Plus Taylor is such a joy to work with.}