Thursday, November 10, 2011

I love good hospitals and a giveaway...

{Me chatting to the 'Nightside Project' after the speaking at
'Girls Night Out' sponsored by Intermountian Healthcare}

Last August, I was lucky to have been invited by Intermountian Healthcare,
as a guest speaker at their "Girls Night Out" evening.
I spoke about my recovery and how grateful I am for good
health care professionals who help me on a daily basis.
Now, they have a new cool facebook page/group for Mothers
to connect and ask medical and health related questions.
Your questions will be answered by a doctor or a nurse.
{Nurse Dani.}
Ask about your children, your pregnancy or whatever you have in mind.
They also are responding to you via video. Here.

This facebook page has a community of mothers that share stories and experiences.
They are very active, engaged, and quick to help each other.

Want some more good news?
If you "like" Intermountain Moms on their facebook page,
you could be entered to win a Canon Camera here.
E-mail me, let me know you "liked" the page,
and leave your name.
I will pick the winner and post it on my blog November 21st.