Monday, November 21, 2011

Heaven is Here- well, kind of.

***Special news...I will be on Glenn Beck TV this afternoon 3:00 Eastern***

Hi guys,
Ready for the exciting news?
I am ready to share!
Since Spring last year I have been writing a book (with Amy Hackworth).
It has been so exhausting, but it is done and I am so proud of it!
The book will be available to buy at book stores in April 2012
but you can pre-order it now too.

Check out this cool video-
It is a little digital preview of the book including the prologue and the first
3 chapters. I think you will like it. I hope so.
It was both exciting and hard to write it.
To remember the feelings, to express them,
and to share them in a book was very emotional.
But it was time.

The Digital preview will be available on my sidebar along with links
to bookstores where you can pre-order the book.
{Amazon here}
{Barnes and Noble here}

Hey, just thought of an idea.
If you are one of the first 50 people who pre-order my book, you
will be in for a surprise! You will get a early print of the book (called a galley)
in January so you can be the first to read it.
(you will also be getting your real copy in April too)
Just send me an e-mail

Another fun idea?
I am thinking of a number
( Ever played that game with your children?)
It is between 1-1000. If you pre-order within the number I am thinking,
I will sign your copy before it is sent to you in April.

(if you care for my signature.
I feel kind of dumb saying that, but my publisher really
wants a good number of pre-order books)


We wont be needed our new sweet snow boots this weekend in AZ.

We are leaving tomorrow bound for Mesa to be with thousands

(not really, but it will seem like it)

Nielson family members for Thanksgiving!

Oh boy!


Hey, Remember the Intermountian giveaway? I picked me a winner!!

Congrats to Rebecca Jensen!!!

Hi Stephanie!

I liked Intermountain Moms on Facebook. Thanks for being such an inspiration to all!! Happy Thanksgiving!
Love, Rebecca (a common recovering mom--I'm recovering from breast cancer)

You will be contacted shortly!