Friday, November 04, 2011

Godfamily/Annoucning the Madsen winner

I am not sure if anyone knew, but my children have Godparents.
Yes, its true. In 2005, I asked some of our best friends:
Andrew and Reachel Bagley to accept this distinguished honor.

I fully expected when Reachel had her own children,
she would be relived of her duties.
But no.
Every year on my children's birthday's, a package arrives.
Here was Claire's birthday card this year along with this.

{Reachel's darling embossed stationary}

Adorable, right!?
{Reachel's darling baby girl Coco was born the same day as Claire, its a special day}
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To those of you who entered to win a Madsen Cargo bike:
The winner is:
Margaret Managan Murtagh
from Bronxville, New York-
Her entry was drawn randomly from a number Mr. Nielson picked:
Now, that is sisterly love!!!
{Mr. Madsen will contact you shortly!}
My name is Margaret Murtagh and I would love to have the bike, but not for me, for my sister Eileen. I don’t know what I would do without my sister Eileen. I run a nursery school and she works for me full time, and she is a full time mom to her four boys, Andrew, Ian, Aidan and Colin. She is really always there for everyone. Recently, one of our friends who is seriously ill, lost her husband suddenly and left her with two little boys. My sister has organized a weekly fundraiser at the weekly football games and has raised thousands of dollars over a short period of time to help Kara and her boys. I honestly don’t know how she does it. I would love her to have the bike, because the one thing she loves to do with her boys is going bike riding. When we go away in the summer, I would love for her to have the bike so she could not only enjoy biking with her boys, but also be able to carry all the things she needs to get down to the beach every day. My sister is my heart, and I would love for her to win the bike.

Thanks so much!"

Don't forget the rally on Saturday- prepare, its going to be a cold one!