Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday shopping

Black Friday-whatever that means.
I do most of my shopping online.
Here are a few sites I will be shopping this Christmas:
{Click the ad to enter site}

Piggy and Dirt by Kurt Knudsen.
My favorite- Glass stars.

Signing up those I love with this cleaning service.
Having someone coming in cleaning up your mess a few times
here and there must feel amazing.
One for me too, please!

Blickenstaff's now offers online shopping-
Great vintage, retro, and nostalgic toys.
Love this shop!
Stay tuned for "Nies top ten favorites"
coming soon.

Loving these for my little girlies?
Yes, yes I am.

My sister-in-law makes these cute headbands.
Loving these.

Do you have your Christmas cards yet?
I ordered mine from Pinhole Press.
It was so simple to select and upload what I wanted.
I will for sure be using this company again. It was a pleasure.
I can't wait for them to arrive in the mail!

Do you want to listen to some very good Christ-centered
holiday music this year?
You need this album.
I especially LOVE this song

My favorite undershirts- check them out

Are you pregnant by chance?
You need to shop here for the cutest maternity dresses around.
Even if you are not pregnant, you should be shopping
here for your Christmas dress
me like this one, this one, and this one.

Holy cow-zers. Ladies, check this place out-
Can you say beautiful Christmas accessories??
Oh yes.

Do you have your copy yet?

I am not doing Homemade Christmas this year.
You wouldn't believe how much hate mail I received last year
because I did that.--Thanks anyway ;)
On that note, read this article
Stores I am so glad we got to visit whislt in AZ