Thursday, November 03, 2011

Favorite part of the day:

Yesterday I made pasta with butternut squash.
I tasted like we were eating the innards of our carved pumpkins.
My children gobbled it up, I on the other hand did not. Yuck.
I think 'lil peanut hates squash.
Every night at the dinner table we go around the table and ask the children
what their favorite part of the day was.
Here is the run down:

I mentioned how happy I was that we found the piano key.
{The key was lost for months- the piano locked}
I played the piano today stretching my fingers and moving them.
I may only know a few tunes on our piano, but I am so grateful
for the therapy it provides.
I will keep playing those few tunes (heart and soul)
everyday, I know my fingers are thanking me-even if it hurts.

After dinner we held our FHE {because Monday night was Halloween}.
It was a beautiful evening.
The children were quite and listened.
It was a miracle, really.
I felt the Spirit strongly and I am pretty sure our children did too.
Once and awhile our FHE's actually turn out-and when it happens,
it is so powerful.

Tomorrow I am announcing the Madsen Cargo bike winner. {we call it a bucket bike}
If you want your name in the drawing you have until midnight tonight to sign up.
Now, the weather for the rally may be wet, and chilly- BUT THE SHOW MUST GO ON
{unless it's snowing or raining really hard, then check back here and I will let you know}
Plan on cold weather.
Plan on eating doughnuts and drinking hot cider.
Plan on getting a free t-shirt.
Plan on riding your bike on the beautiful Provo trail.
It's going to be fun times.
If you don't have a Madsen bike, come and check them out.
They make really good Christmas presents and/or birthday gifts.